I’d like to introduce myself

I know this intrinsically
and it’s been proven scientifically
it’s best to view life optimistically
maybe even whimsically

© EHR Schober (From Joys and Laments of Getting Older)


Introducing EHR Schober, poet and philosopher

Resonance and Light is delighted to introduce poet and philosopher EHR Schober.  Her first offering:  Joys and Laments of Getting Older presents a delightful array of whimsical, wistful, and wise observations.  She observes the good and the bad, the enjoyable and lamentable things about growing older, and with humor and kindness shifts perspective, finding the advantages and amusement in each moment.

Joys and Laments of Getting Older is in the final stages of editing and review.  We look forward to keeping you posted on its progress.