LA Times Book Festival 2012

I picked up an email from the LA Times late in the evening before the event and called EHR Schober early the following morning: Can we do this on such short notice? How was this going to work out in such a rush and with other commitments already made? The  answer was – yes we can do this – but we have to leave in less than an hour.

Everything was falling into place as if we had planned it weeks before.  We drove to Union Station, parked in a shaded garage (what a boon on a very hot day in LA), took the free! provided shuttle – it showed up in a few short minutes, and (oh no!) in transit noted we had forgotten to bring our water bottles.   We’d left in such a rush….. you know how it is.

We were in such anticipatory high spirits, we figured the water bottle problem would sort itself out too. And lo and behold as we stepped out of our airconditioned transport into the hot sunshine, we were greeted by a representative of CASCAL with an offer of an ice cold canned soft drink.  Not just ANY soft drink, but slightly fermented fruit juice soda sweetened with stevia! Just up our alley!  EHR opted for “Berry Cassis” – I went for the “Bright Citrus”. Yummm.

By the way – the LA Times Festival of Books at USC was informative and stimulating.  We made contact with publishing outfits and signed up for publication consultations.  We look forward to this next step of publishing “Joys and Laments of Getting Older“. Considering our time constraints – we got a LOT done.

MEM Schober


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