Marketing – how does one do it?

This past year has been the year of the book
Considering all the hours it took.

Now I need to commence
recouping the expense.

Marketing is not really my cup of tea
But it’s an absolute necessity! –

And while I am working on this writ
I’m wondering “how does one do it?”

© EHR SCHOBER  Jan 15, 2013


Results of the 4th “advance read” are in…

These words almost brought tears to my eyes.  I am moved that the outpourings of my heart and soul had such an effect.

Lissa E writes:
“… was a privilege to read this book, a real pleasure.”
“…. this book is joy for the soul and I want to share it with so many…..”
“…..facts and truth, inspirational, enlightening”

Thank you, Lissa E

EHR Schober

Free Verse – a modern era phenomenon?

What is the appropriate form for poetry written in the modern era?  No rhyme! No meter! Uneccessary! Old fashioned!  Free verse is the “now”.

Well…….it appears that “Verse Livre” (free verse) itself is quite a venerable poetic institution!  The “Song of Songs” in the Bible is a very early example of free verse – possibly dating to the 10th century BCE.  Later experimentation around and in the 1800’s is attributed to Goethe, Christina Rosetti (who sometimes used unmetered and rhymed verse,) Heinrich Heine, Reiner Maria Rilke and others.

Free Verse allows for individual expression – the cadences, the look of the words on the page, the shape of sentences, the internal winks at venerable forms and words, the revelling in sounds, and the savoring of words as they shape in the mouth and are then released on the air – these and more are available again to poets and their admirers – in ways not socially available for many centuries.

MEM Schober

More reviews – thank you

It warmed my heart to read the comments of our third reviewer who wrote:
“I feel honored that you asked me to review the advance copy…
This is a beautiful and touching book..  I wanted to take the time to savor the book so have read it several times…it made me cry, laugh, think, re-evaluate and recommit to really living in the present.”
Thank you, Gwendolyn Y.
EHR Schober

Agony (Impatience in disguise)

Little did I realize how difficult it is for me to be waiting and biding my time whilst the book is being edited and under review.  It is exciting though.  We have had two favourable reviews so far and we are awaiting two more… Then we go in search of a publisher.

I’ve been told:
’tis all just part of the game.
But believe me:
Impatience is my middle name.

© EHR Schober  (April 17, 2012)

To meter and rhyme – that is the question

Familiarity with prose –
                              a given for many, I suppose.
But poetry: that’s a different story –
                             ’tis literature in all its glory –
                    where thoughts have been expressed in metric form –                              and rhyme – once the prescribed  and accepted norm.

In modern times, which I suppose is now,
          many a writer will fervently avow –
                    neither meter nor rhyme are necessary;
                              these are “Old Rules” – almost legendary.
Joys and Laments are verses of rhyme
                              generally unmetered – from the absurd to the sublime.

© EHR Schober  (04-02-2012)

Introducing EHR Schober, poet and philosopher

Resonance and Light is delighted to introduce poet and philosopher EHR Schober.  Her first offering:  Joys and Laments of Getting Older presents a delightful array of whimsical, wistful, and wise observations.  She observes the good and the bad, the enjoyable and lamentable things about growing older, and with humor and kindness shifts perspective, finding the advantages and amusement in each moment.

Joys and Laments of Getting Older is in the final stages of editing and review.  We look forward to keeping you posted on its progress.